in-state tuition for illegal immigrants

In-state tuition for illegal immigrants

in-state tuition for illegal immigrants

In-state tuition for illegal immigrants legislation has started to be passed in many states where lawmakers are willing to force American citizens to pay taxes to replace their own children in the limited seats in American colleges.

Most reputable American colleges fill to capacity and turn students away each year. In-state students get to pay a lower tuition rate because the taxpayers of each state pay thousands of dollars to subsidize the costs for in-state students.

Illegal immigrants are usually given preferential admission status to Universities because most illegal immigrants qualify as non-white minorities which get extra points added to their admission application scores based on race alone.

So if you live in a state like Texas or California that offers in-state tuition for illegal aliens, your state taxes will be used to pay thousands of dollars of the tuition for illegal immigrants to go to college. This means that your children or grandchildren or American neighbors may not get to go to the college of their choice because the limited seats have been filled by illegal immigrants that are not supposed to be in America at all!

In-state tuition for illegal immigrants attracts more illegal aliens into states and America because it sends a message that illegal immigration is welcome and encouraged and that illegal immigrants will be given special consideration and dominion over American citizens by the elites that are responsible for the illegal alien invasion of America.

If you live in a state that offers in-state tuition to illegals, call up your lawmaker and ask how many tax dollars are being given to help illegal immigrants replace American college students in your state!