illegal immigration

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration refers to a criminal act that is willfully committed by someone who enters into a nation of which they are not a citizen in violation of the laws of that land. While illegal immigration occurs in most countries, the biggest Illegal immigration Problems are occurring in America and Europe where Illegal immigrants from very poor countries are entering more developed nations in an effort to obtain more jobs, money, healthcare, education, and taxpayer benefits.

Many people consider US illegal immigration to be a form of invasion and a form of theft because illegal immigrants come and take things such as jobs, taxpayer resources, and healthcare that are not theirs but belong to others. Scientific and certified polls and surveys show that large majorities of citizens in nations suffering from illegal immigration into their lands oppose illegal immigration and want governments to take action to prevent and reverse illegal immigration.

While most Americans continue to support legal immigration, but on a reduced and more traditional level below current hyper levels, polls are finding deteriorating support for all immigration due to rampant illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration has become a top national issue in many countries and campaigns for public office. Nations that have lax border and immigration law enforcement suffer the most illegal immigration. Illegal Immigration Law enforcement is being hampered by DC politicians responding to special interests despite the fact numerous Americans continue to Report Illegal Immigrants to authorities!

Illegal immigration can cause a host of problems for citizens in nations afflicted by large scale illegal immigrants. These Illegal immigration Problems include, but are not limited to job losses, depreciated wages, degradation of national security, the spread of contagious diseases, loss of election integrity, drain of taxpayer monies and resources, loss of cultural identity, and difficulties arising from use of multiple languages.

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