immigration reform

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

immigration reform

Immigration Reform is political language used by Democrats and Republicans who support amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Those who have looked into America’s illegal immigration crisis can see the reason we have so many Illegal immigrants in the US is because we need more enforcement of our existing border and Illegal Immigration Law s!

“Immigration reform” is a code for a rewriting of existing laws to accommodate the more than 20 million illegal aliens currently in America. Immigration reform seeks a way to legalize the presence of illegal immigrants, and if that ever happens then the more than 20 million illegal immigrants will become a new voting bloc that will dominate American elections and thus destroy America’s borders forevermore!

Immigration reform sounds good to many Americans because they believe that politicians mean that they will start to enforce border and immigration laws instead of amnesty.

So far a majority of Republican lawmakers have stopped immigration reform amnesty from destroying America, but more Republicans are joining with Obama and Illegal Immigration to ruin America in this way.

Immigration reform that allows tens of millions of illegal immigrants to have what they want and stay will only serve to entice the next twenty million illegal immigrants into America soon.

Groups that support immigration reform amnesty that would destroy America’s borders and displace millions more Americans in their jobs, homes, and elections include George Soros backed groups, the US Chamber of Commerce, the big banks like Bank of America and Wells Fargo, the upper echelons of both the Democratic and Republican party, most major news networks like Fox News, CNN, CBS, and NBC, and hundreds of activism groups like the National Council of La Raza, MALDEF, LULAC and others.

Immigration reform is designed to provide amnesty for all illegal aliens although there are false promises of making illegal immigrants pay fines, learn English, and waiting in line behind our legal immigrant backlog. The 1986 amnesty showed the American public that we cannot believe any promises of future immigration enforcement if immigration reform is passed.

Immigration reform has not passed in America yet because a large majority of American citizens oppose the measure despite the fact that power groups are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on campaigns and ads to try to persuade citizens to surrender on the issue of immigration reform and to accept the illegal alien invasion of America as fait accompli.

Americans who are trying to stop immigration reform amnesty have joined many different groups and campaigns for public office that support the existing border and immigration laws of the United States which would be permanently undermined by any kind of immigration reform legislation that contains amnesty, a path to citizenship, legal status, or a new visa for illegal immigrants currently in the US.

Beware any politician promising to “Secure the Borders First” as this has become code for pretending to secure the borders first, then passing a form of amnesty for illegal aliens that would then destroy America’s borders and politically remove the need to pretend anymore.

What America needs is our borders secured period and our existing border and immigration laws enforced instead of any law undermining and illegal immigrant attracting immigration reform.

Each time Presidents George Bush or Barack Obama have mentioned Comprehensive Immigration Reform, the number of illegal immigrants crossing America’s borders has skyrocketed as illegal aliens have poured in to get their immigration reform amnesty.

Most of America’s legal immigrants oppose “immigration reform” because it is focused on illegal immigrants and the corrupt businesses that employ them.

The deplorable Dream Act amnesty, in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, and driver licenses for illegal immigrants are usually parts of Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation packages.