illegal immigration news

Illegal Immigration News

illegal immigration news

The problem with the American global media is that every major news network is now biased in favor of illegal immigrants and immigration reform amnesty after Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch joined with super liberal NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg to try to pass amnesty.

Anyone trying to get accurate news about illegal immigration has to learn to read between the lines and locate alternative news publications and agregate websites because the damages and deaths caused by illegal immigrants are censored on a regular basis.

The worst bias with illegal immigration news is in the print media. While the Washington Times has been known to print the truth from time to time, the New York Times, Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times, and Boston Globe regularly put out highly biased articles.

These biased articles try to get people to sympathize with illegal immigrants and their situation while ignoring all the Americans that have lost their jobs and homes due to illegal immigration. The biased media will also cover up the thousands of deaths American citizens endure each year due to the illegal immigration invasion of America. They will hardly ever mention the more than 125 Billion dollars in taxpayer resources illegal alien steal from American taxpayers each year as well.

If an illegal immigrant kills a family of four in a drunk driving crash or a group of ten illegal aliens gang rape an American woman, the main stream media will censor these reports and conceal the crimes even though American immigration laws and policies are directly related to the losses.

If an American citizen walks down the street and smacks an illegal alien and calls them a racially insensitive name then that citizen will be arrested, charged with a hate crime, fired from their job, be persecuted in the media for months, receive death threats, and have to go into hiding.

The main stream media has completely betrayed the American public on the issue of illegal immigration. Just count the number of pro immigration reform amnesty sources verses the number of anti illegal immigration sources in the next article or news report you encounter on this topic.

If American citizens were receiving regular and accurate news updates about the degree and consequences of illegal immigration, the public backlash in demand for immigration enforcement would move politicians to action. Since the elites that control our media know that, they rely on censorship to keep the masses pacified and controlled.

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