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Amnesty can not be granted to this country’s illegal immigrants.

It is just that, illegal, and amnesty is a smack in the face to those that followed our laws and worked hard to become part of our nation. The magic words being ‘worked hard’, those that didn’t come for the freebies. Those that came here willing to work hard, to contribute, to give as much as they take.

Our forefathers designed the Constitution for our country to keep order. To allow peace and tranquility to govern the lives of all who come here legally. Our Constitution sets guidelines for America to believe in and respect as a nation.

When we have a President that stomps on it every chance he can, why wouldn’t he break the law by giving amnesty to the criminals that enter this country according to their own rules? Why should that surprise anyone when he has no respect for the laws that have governed Americans for generations?

Where else would a President and party like we have, supposedly leading our country at this time, find votes? In exchange for their votes, he gives them welfare, food stamps, a free education, freedom to break the law, and to suck up the resources our forefathers worked hard to leave us? Obama wants to give amnesty to illegal immigrants so liberal Democrats can dominate American politics for the next 100 years!

The people that come into this country illegally have earned nothing. They contribute nothing to our country except to steal our tax dollars and fill our prisons. If they don’t respect the laws of our country by coming in illegally, how can we expect them to respect our laws once they are here?

The long lines at our welfare offices are filled with illegals, yet they receive benefits. They don’t speak our language, but they can find their way to the welfare offices.

They can’t pay taxes, like the rest of us, but they don’t mind taking what our tax dollars in the benefits they provide.

Our forefathers, grandfathers, and fathers, fought to protect this nation’s freedoms that would be undermined by amnesty for illegal alines. They worked hard and made sacrifices to industrialize this country so that the generations after them, could have a better, and more advantageous way of life. However, the list of the advantages for our true Americans has grown shorter with each month of this administration, that is more than eager to give them to those that haven’t earned them, or paid any price for.

“We the People”, need to take action against turning our nation into the land of opportunity for criminals to come here and steal from the hard working taxpayers of our great nation.

What can we do to take our country back? We can secure our borders and enforce our existing immigration laws designed to protect legal immigrants and American citizens. We can’t accommodate our true Americans here, much less illegal immigrants. Not only close them, but secure them and have consequences for anyone breaking our immigration laws.

We can get out and vote next election to stop any party that works against our American values and laws from getting into office. We must vote against any lawmaker that supports any form of amnesty for illegals even though most Republicans that support amnesty lie and say they do not!

The Obama Administration had targeted his audience and provided transportation for them to get to the polls to buy their votes. How else would they have secured them? Most importantly, deport those are in this country illegally. No exceptions. That is the law of our justice system.

No amnesty! Enforce our existing immigration laws and the US Constitution and our citizens demand!

But then, what criminal truly wants justice? Right Mr. Obama?