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When discussing American jobs and job losses to illegal immigrants, I have to admit that I represent the stereotypical image of females not being as accomplished as males when it comes to mathematics. I made the grade growing up but I had to work hard at it. In contrast most of my other subjects came pretty easily.

  However, I do not think that a PhD in mathematics is required to determine that

while there are over 98 million Americans unemployed, illegals aliens being imported and self importing are making a problem a lot worse. Illegal aliens steal American jobs from hard working American citizens and legal immigrants!

This is especially true in the cases where employers are openly favoring illegal aliens over American citizens when it comes to hiring. Several of the illegal aliens who come to this country seek employment in the building trades. While the work is seasonal, the pay is good and in many cases the "Boss Man" does not ask for "papers" nor he does look too closely at them when presented. But for those not paying attention, in the near future, the illegals and their proponents will dominate the building trades and completely shut out American citizens.

For not only are the illegals being favored for construction entry level slots, they are being trained for the more skilled positions to which they will be promoted. How do I know this? Because I live in the Washington Metropolitan area where there is a fair amount of construction work going on. Washington, DC is the seat of what passes for national government today. The actions there go far in setting the tone of operative policies in this country. However, as things stand today, that is most unfortunate to say the least.

   At several jobs sites where I have observed the work place activities, the

overwhelming number of those employed are illegal aliens. This is not a case of people speaking a language other than English when dealing within their ethnic group. This is a case where bi-lingual employees serve as translators between the managerial employees and the Spanish speaking.

American citizens are supposed to be able to speak English, as a condition of becoming naturalized. My other observation is even more disturbing. Illegal aliens are being trained at tax payer expense in formal courses in the building trades to the exclusion of American citizens. How can I make this claim? Elementary Watson.

For sometime the DC Government has sponsored Building Trades classes. At one point, the classes were presented in English with a bi-lingual speaker providing translation. However, the last two fliers that I have seen for the classes indicate that they would be presented in Spanish. This means that others interested in attending cannot do so unless they are bi-lingual in Spanish.

Incidentally, in case you have not heard, there are rumblings that if Hispanics must learn English, Americans should be required to learn Spanish. Angel Cruz, a Pennsylvania State Representative, has even introduced a bill to make Spanish the official language of the US. The bill also urges Congress to require that all federal government acts be written in Spanish.

    Now what's wrong with this invasion of illegal aliens into construction work? 

Several things! Heretofore, African-Americans and poor whites made up a substantial number of the lower level positions in that area.

In that group were young men who worked at construction sites in the summer to earn money for the next school year, college and high school. Some of them were contributing substantial portions of their pay checks to keep their families of origin afloat. With illegal aliens taking the construction jobs today, that door is firmly closed for the most part.

   The few African-Americans and poor whites who are able to obtain employment in

the building trades are further disadvantaged because they are not receiving the advanced training being provided to the illegal aliens. Thus, when employees are being considered for promotion, those who have been excluded from training and the significant experience are marginalized. In further irony, once the illegal aliens have reached the professional ranks of the trade and occupy positions for the skilled worker, their inclination will be to hire other illegal aliens out of affinity and vulnerability to deportation if their own status were to become known.

    Illegal aliens, their supporters, and advocates assert that illegal aliens do

the jobs that Americans do not want. That view mischaracterizes the issue. It not a matter of preference, it is one of need. In the film "Uptown Saturday Night" which starred Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby, there is a scene where the two of them are having a drink, presumably after work. The Poitier character asked the Cosby character how his job was. The Cosby character replied, "Over worked and under paid BUT THANK YOU JESUS!" That sentiment expresses it all.

I am an African-American Baby Boomer.  Both my parents, as well as most of the

adults in my very large extended family and in the community where I lived, were blue collar workers. My parents, aunts, uncles and neighbors never had the luxury of turning down a job because they did not want it. However humble the job was, one took it and was glad to have it. A person only left a job if by some miracle they got a better one. In the racist America that existed then, such events were rare. They did not always like their jobs. They may not have even wanted them but they needed them. Therefore they sought them and worked them giving a full day's work for a full day's pay.

   "Unskilled" workers still need those jobs.  Indeed, in today's economy there are

people who had or expected to have high paying jobs now also in competition for the so-called jobs that illegals think Americans do want and that employers claim they will not take. Yet there have been many instances where illegal aliens have been terminated and Americans have lined up very quickly for the vacancies created.

    American employers make efforts to hire illegal aliens. They go to unofficial

sites and through quasi- illegal immigrant employment entities posturing as illegal immigrant advocacy organizations. They seek employees through word of mouth. They sometimes solicit illegal alien employees through ads written in Spanish. On some horse farms in Kentucky, employers have claimed they hired illegal aliens because Americans did not apply for the jobs. It was found that the jobs were not advertised.

Employers have been known to turn down American citizens applying for vacancies and then hire illegal aliens instead. That happened in Panama City, Florida on a construction project and probably in other undisclosed instances. In one reported case, an employer used legal immigration to discriminate against American workers. Fox reported that Pope's Plant Farm, in Tennessee applied to the Department of Labor for 75 foreign worker visas under the H-2A foreign worker program In the application, the farm said that the wage would be $8.65 an hour on a 40 hour work week. Sabrina Steele, an African-American woman with years of farm work experience applied for a job. Ms. Steele was offered a job but was discouraged from taking it by an employer representative. The job was offered was inferior to the ones given to the foreign workers. She was told that she would have to work 80 hours a week, and that most of her co-workers would be male and Spanish speaking. She was also told to speak to her husband before taking the job. Her case was not unusual. Southern Migrant Legal Services represented her and dozens of other Americans who had been discriminated against when seeking work. This happened in 2007 under the Bush administration.

  In some cases, the vacancy is for a job requiring very hard work and very poor

wages. Yes, there are illegal aliens who will work for slave wages, in unacceptable circumstances, without benefits and do not complain. Employers make a bee line for them. The less they pay their "workers," the higher their profits. The employers want more of that so they wink at illegal immigrant hiring and support corrupt politicians and corporations that seek amnesty or "legal standing" for illegal aliens.

They do not realize the irony that would result if such travesty comes to pass. Their leverage against the illegals will be gone. It would not take long for many on-the-drawing-board citizens to realize that they will get more tapping into the public benefit systems than by working. So then what? Would more illegals be allowed in to take the newly rejected jobs? A number of the jobs taken by illegals, like construction work, is seasonal. What happens when the season ends? Will the new group of aliens then be competing with the legalized aliens and the Americans who are also looking for work or will they be looking for welfare?

       If  fewer people are working and more are unemployed, the employers  may

find themselves in bankruptcy or having to otherwise close their doors. Ours is a consumer oriented economy. Without a sufficient number of employees, business cannot produce goods. Also, if people are not employed, they cannot buy goods. Unemployed people do not pay taxes. Failed businessmen do not pay taxes. They often end up on the public dole in some form or fashion. The result would be higher taxes for those fewer people who are employed. But increased taxes on fewer people will not take care of the short fall. Without the income that taxation produces the government cannot function indefinitely.

The US has chosen to borrow an unconscionable amount of money. Even with strict austerity measures, it will take generations to repay it. Of course of much greater concern is what happens when the full faith and credit of the United States is no longer considered good collateral by lender nations You see it is all interrelated. Destroy the American worker and the nation will follow. The gains that corrupt businessmen, politicians and others of that ilk think they have had and will have by the abuse of the American worker will turn to dust.